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BAM is a large European construction firm with operating companies active in two business lines, Construction and Property and Civil engineering, as well as in public-private partnerships. The Group employs approximately 15,788 people.

BAM is active in five European markets: the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium and Germany. The Company also has a presence in Denmark.

As per 1 January 2022, Royal BAM Group nv implements a new organisation structure to further improve effectiveness and access to growth opportunities.

The implementation of this new structure is the next step in realising the strategic agenda for 2021-2023 (Building a sustainable tomorrow), which was presented in February 2021. The ‘manage for growth’ activities will be grouped in two new divisions, one dedicated to the Netherlands and the other to the United Kingdom and Ireland. The activities in Germany and Belgium will be managed for value, which means a continued focus on operational improvements and potentially further divestments. This new structure will replace the existing business lines Construction and Property and Civil engineering.      

With this new organisational structure, BAM will enhance its effectiveness and focus on growth, leveraging its top-3 market positions in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland. This change will also contribute to faster development of innovative solutions, supporting BAM’s clients to improve their sustainability and lower their carbon footprint.  

BAM will start reporting in line with this new organisational structure in 2022.

Construction and Property
BAM carries out non-residential construction activities in all its markets and also Denmark. In addition, BAM delivers residential construction projects (apartment buildings) primarily in the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium. Family homes are developed and built mainly in the Netherlands, where development and construction is provided as a fully integrated solution to clients.

Non-residential property development activities are carried out in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium. The business line Construction and Property employs approximately 6,522 people.

Civil engineering 
The civil engineering activities cover all BAM’s markets and also Denmark. The business line Civil engineering employs approximately 8,796 people.

Public-private partnerships 
BAM is a well-respected player in the European market for public-private partnership (PPP) projects. As of 1 January 2021 BAM PPP operates as a joint venture between Royal BAM Group and PGGM Infrastructure Fund.

Top structure
BAM’s top structure consists of two governing bodies: the Executive Board and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee decides – with final responsibility lying with the Executive Board – on strategic issues and policies, based on input from the operating companies and staff departments. Each member has a clearly defined focus and responsibility.

In 2021, the Executive Committee consisted of the two Executive Board members, the chief operating officers of both business lines, the chief business excellence officer and the chief human resources officer. Starting 1 January 2022, BAM’s Executive Committee consists of the two Executive Board members (chief executive officer and chief financial officer), as well as two chief operating officers, one responsible for the activities in the Netherlands and the other for the activities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The manage for value activities comprising Belgium and Germany, will report to the CEO.

The financial, social and environmental performance of BAM’s business lines are described in chapter 3.

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