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Revenue (x € million) 2017 6,535
Adjusted result before tax (x € million) 2017 24.9
Net result (x € million) 2017 13.8
Order book (x € million) 2017 11,636

Art Fund Museum of the Year 2018

Tate St Ives, Cornwall

Designing and constructing a new gallery space has doubled the size of the existing Tate Gallery in Cornwall. BAM Construct UK refurbished and extended the space in the existing gallery, which improved visitor facilities and learning spaces. BAM removed large volumes of Blue Elvan rock from the tightly restricted site and put in place several retaining walls and temporary structures, as well as diverting existing services. We created a Cornish Features landscaped roof. The building won Art Fund Museum of the Year 2018.

Incident frequency (IF BAM) 2016 - 4.8 2017 - 4.6
Safety behaviour audit (in %) 2016 - 70% 2017 - 72%
Female/male employees (in %) / 2016 - 15/85 2017 - 16/84
Training costs per employee (in €1) 2016 - 667 2017 - 614
Number of employees (at 31 December, in FTE) 2016 - 19,486 2017 - 19,837
Construction and office waste (in kilotonnes) 2016 - 21.3 2017 - 20.3

Launching a new
Worldwide campaign:
Your Safety is My Safety

Mark Lockwood, Head of Health and Safety at BAM Construct UK, toured the country for a Your Safety is My Safety tour. He visited English Martyrs School in the North East, the Centre for Student Life in the Western Region and Laurus Cheadle Hulme School in the North West to start conversations with the teams about how to reduce lost time incidents in our high risk areas of slips, trips and falls and manual handling. Mark Lockwood says: ‘It’s great to see our sites around the country embracing the new Groupwide safety campaign. I have been impressed with the standard of housekeeping and how well our teams engage with our supply chain on high risk issues.’

BAM Plant is now offering standardised, branded Your Safety is My Safety PPE across the business, including a ladies range. Jason Reed, Director – BAM Plant, says: ‘The new PPE will help strengthen the One BAM ethos we’re striving towards, as it will create a consistent look throughout the business. Your Safety is My Safety is clearly an important campaign and integral to our day-to-day operations, and the new PPE helps to emphasise that.’

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The future

Museum of the Future, Dubai.

The Museum of the Future is a unique initiative by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum that explores the future of science, technology and innovation and will be located near the Burj Khalifa. In addition to becoming a major tourist destination, the museum will offer advanced courses and specialised workshops, as well as public talks and events. BAM International expects to deliver the museum to Meraas Holding in 2019.