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Revenue million
Adjusted result before tax million
Net result million
(Attributable to the shareholders of the Company)
Order book million

Earnings per share
Dividents per ordinary share
Trade Working capital % of revenue

Adjusted result before tax
% of revenue
Net result attributable to the shareholders % of revenue


Capital ratio
% of total assets

Incident frequency

Safety behavior audit

Number of employees
at 31 December, in FTE
Training costs per employee

Female/male employees
/ %
Construction and office waste kilotonne
Construction and office waste intensity tonnes per € million
Construction waste seperation
Suistainable certified timber (FSC and PEFC) in the Netherlands

CO 2 emissions intensity
tonnes per € million revenue

CO 2 emissions

Energy consumption
terra joule

See an opportunity

Digital design, simulate

Engage with other stakeholders

Engage with suppliers

Propose to the client

The client accepts

Order materials

Prepare the site

Assembly on site

Deliver value

Maintain asset value

End of life — Re-use