Management Board

In addition to the Executive Board and Supervisory Board, BAM’s governance structure is complemented with the Management Board. This corporate body was established to strengthen the One BAM approach and supports the Executive Board in achieving the objectives of the strategic agenda. The Management Board consists of the members of the Executive Board, the managing directors of the ten operating companies (see the organisational structure at page 9) and a number of selected corporate function directors.

In a press release issued on 6 December 2018, BAM announced that it will change the top structure of the company. This change includes the establishment of an Executive Committee that consist of the two members of the Executive Board (the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer), two newly to be appointed Chief Operating Officers (one for Construction and Property and one for Civil Engineering), the Chief HR Officer and a new Chief Business Excellence Officer. The latter will be responsible for further improvement of tender procedures, the realisation of procurement synergies, the acceleration of digital construction and the improvement of project management. The Executive Committee will decide on strategic issues and groupwide policies, systems and processes and will be responsible for strategy implementation and the performance of the Group. The final responsibility remains with the Executive Board. 

The change of the top structure is aimed at reinforcing implementation of the Group’s strategy by better alignment of senior management, creating more focus on the strategic and operational priorities and getting more synergies from the Group’s scale through the One BAM program. The Supervisory Board will meet mostly with the full Executive Committee, but might decide to meet with the Executive Board only. Size and composition of the Executive Committee need Supervisory Board approval. The remuneration structure for the Executive Committee members will be similar to that for the Executive Board. Actual remuneration, including short and long term incentives will need approval from the Supervisory Board. Amended rules of procedure of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, to include the functioning of the Executive Committee, will be published on the Company’s website.

Bunnik, the Netherlands, 19 February 2019

Executive Board:
R.P. van Wingerden
L.F. den Houter
E.J. Bax

From the left: M. Peeters (BAM Belgium), K. Meade (BAM PPP), T.M. Cullinane (BAM Contractors), R. Vollebregt (BAM Bouw en Vastgoed Nederland), M. Koch (BAM Deutschland), S.J.J. van de Wynkele (Director of Human Resources Royal BAM Group), E.J. Bax (COO Royal BAM Group), S.H.A.J. Beckers (General Counsel / Company Secretary Royal BAM Group), R.P. van Wingerden (CEO Royal BAM Group), S.C. Fox (BAM Nuttall Ltd), L.F. den Houter (CFO Royal BAM Group),  J. Wimpenny (BAM Contruct UK Ltd), S. Capper (CIO Royal BAM Group), M.H. Schimmel (BAM Infra Nederland), M. Blaschko (Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG), T.W. Muntinga (Director of Finance Royal BAM Group) and G.K. Mazloumian (BAM International)